The Cascades 2002...
        Mount Rainier & Mount Shuksan...

Individual Equipment List
1 pr. fleece mittens, 1 pr. wind/waterproof mitten covers.
2 pr. heavy polypropylene thermal socks.
1 expedition weight thermal shirt
1 set Expedition weight thermal trousers & Top
1 set of GoreTex Shells
1 extra warm hat, 1 face mask for wind and cold
1 pr. Glacier Glasses
1 pr. Snow-wind goggles.
1 alpine ice axe
1 pr. plastic double boots
1 pair boot gaiters
1 pr. Crampons, with adjustment tool. They must fit PERFECTLY.
1 light weight goose-down parka with hood
1 additional Kg snack/energy food.
2 1 liter water bottles
1 urine bottle 1 sleeping bag (-15 degrees Centigrade)
1 closed cell foam kari-mattress (inflatable mats suffer from cramponing, ice screws and sharp rocks) 1 additional locking kit-duffle bag, carry-all, with lock.
4 additional large, waterproof, disposable rubbish sacks, for keeping your equipment dry..
1-3 additional head torch batteries, extra light-bulb
Sanitation and hygiene supplies
1 Duffle Bag w/lock
Personal First Aid Kit

Group Equipment List

1 tent and pack repair kit with extra parts and tools
1 high altitude medical kit
1 water filters
Maps, compass, guide books and articles

Communications (depending member requirements):

2 two-way "walkie-talkie" radios
2 extra batteries

High altitude camping
2 High altitude tents
2 High altitude stove
2 800ml Titanium fuel Bottle
2 Titanium pot sets for high altitude stoves

Climbing (depending on requirements of route)

1 dynamic climbing rope per team (8.5 mm, 60 meter Dry)
4 ice screws
3 snow stakes (picket)
3 snow flukes (Deadman)
20 bamboo route-marker wands

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